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  1. Hi my name is Samantha and my friend and I are coming from Salt Lake to Sanfransisco next thursday 10/15 and we would like to get some tattoos to remember the trip. We would like to get a little skull and crossbones tattoo in our ears. Is there anyway someone from your shop could sketch that up for us? We are kind of thinking that we want them to have bows on their head and hearts for eyes but we are open for suggestions. Thanks Let me know

  2. Hi my name is Mely Ann Casama and I just wanted to give a warm Thank You To Shaun Christoper. He didn’t an AMAZING JOB on my Tattoo. I LOVE IT and I get compliments on it a lot. THANKS SHAUN!! I’ll be back to get another Tat from you. Maybe in a couple months. THANKS AGAIN!!

  3. Hello Team!
    I am an African American interested in a tattoo in color (red). I wanted to know if you have experience working with African American skin (medium-dark) with color. Also, this tattoo would be a coverup on the shoulder area. I look forward to doing business with you.


  4. Ello Tomm-o
    its Tiva-molar girl….
    Im safe in bangkok…and just want to ask you ,,,WTF? (yeh i just wrote that . once more for effect..) WTTF…did you tattoo me with fairy dust and angel kisses? This tattoo is healing so damn well…
    I am( if you remember me saying) Scabatha when it comes to healing and shock me shock me…nothing! the thing is perf, no healing ness…..dope.
    and i also wanted to thank you for …crap cant put it in words…i guess just being and island of calmness and sincerity in rolling seas….
    Mahalo Sir

  5. Im a tattoo artist out of Ohio and i recently moved out here to South Lake tahoe and shortly after got in at Electric Pencil Tattoos. I am relocating to San Fran and wanted to see if i could stop in and bring my portfolio, and some drawings, maybe get some time with you. your work speaks for itself that you are all in it for the love of what were doing. not the money aspect. i would appreciate the time, thank you again. have a happy holiday.

  6. heeeeeeeeeello. 🙂 my names Alexis and I came in on my 18th birthday and got my tatt done by Jeramie & i just wanna say thank you and it looks awesome ! the colors stayed and it didn’t even peal, thanks again !

  7. Hey! I’ll be in San Francisco March 3, 4, & 5 and I’m hoping Tom will be working. He did such a great job last time (Butterfly on the foot, August 9, 2009). Only problem is this time I only have a B&W pic of what I want. If I bring a second pic showing the colors will that work? Thanks!

  8. Hey there I was wondering if you could help me with an estimate.
    I wanted to get something very similar to this, just black ink :

    and I’d love it to be about 3×5 inches. A rough estimate would be lovely. Thank you 🙂


  9. Hello folks,

    Just wanted to leave some kudos to all at the shop, and Jeramie in particular. I was in late Feb sometime and have a beautiful songbird on my wrist thanks to this talented vegan! Can’t tell you how puuurrfect it really is.

    Thanks all the way from Australia, hope you are all well!


  10. Hi, I’m Carissa and im very interested in the tattoo industry. I’m wondering if you apprentice and if you do what age would you except. I am 15 and am very serious about becoming a tattoo artist ever since I got my first tattoo in the Philippines.

  11. Hello there, I got some work on my arm done by an artist named Derek a few years ago. I stopped by recently and found out that he is now at another shop somewhere in the Sunset. I was wondering if anyone knew what the shop name is. I have a full sleeve to finish >.<

    P.S. thanks for all the great work guys

  12. Hello! My name is ellie and I’m 15 and I wanted to get a small tattoo of my deceased cousins initials / name. I do have parental consent but I haven’t been able to find an artist who will do it because of my age. Would you be able to?
    Thanks a bunch

  13. Hi I wanted to know if I could get a price quote on my really simple design before I made an appointment online so I could qualify for the discount… How would I go about doing that?

  14. Hi Guys-
    I’m a local art director with quite a few tattoos and we just released the first-ever fuel efficient car babes calendar. So hot ladies posing with the top electric/hybrids/fuel efficient rides. There’s no other calendar like it. It’s called Pump Rebels 2012 and we’re trying to make splash in the green car conversation to let people know there are more types of people than just hippies who dig these cars. And to just bring a long overdue attitude update to cars who’s technology is genuinely badass. But no one is talking about them in a badass way. They use cliche images of leaves, rainbows, and fluffy clouds.

    We wanted to see if you guys might be interested in letting us sell a few calendars in your store on consignment? We’ve been getting a shit load of global press online since we released it on Big Cartel about a month ago. Even Fox News did a post on it. Just google “pump rebels”. Maybe it’s not the right kind of thing for you guys, but I dig your store and thought it might be something you guys would dig. You can check it out at http://www.pumprebels.com

    Many thanks.


  15. I’m interested in getting a tattoo for my fiance on Saturday. I would
    like to send you a picture of a drawing I drew up for her. I was
    wondering what the price would be to get it done. She wants a koi fish on her left upper arm by her shoulder; and for it to be in vibrant colors if
    possible. Its about 5 1/2 inches in length. If you could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.

  16. I live in Rocklin and will be travelling to SF on business March 26 – 30 and would like to get a tattoo while I am there. I would like to set an evening appointment and do the consultation either via email or on the phone. Is this possible? I have a design in mind that i would like to work with an artist on.

  17. A couple weeks ago, my friends and I came in for one of my friend’s tattoo. Austin was so awesome that I made an appointment for the next day with him for a small piece on my ankle. I then had my roommate and boyfriend get pieces done by Christian. We all love our tattoos and have spread the word around! I want to thank both artist for being so chill and joking around with us.
    P.S. If you want photos of any of the tattoos I will find a way to send them in for your portfolios 🙂

  18. Hi! I have a questions how much is a tattoo for a quote and a drawing? That way I can know how much it will be :). For the quote I want it to be in script and the drawing tattoo


  19. Hi.
    I just wanna ask you a question how much do you take for the tattoo ? and does it depends on the size of the tattoo and the place that i wanna put it ?

    Thank you.

  20. Stopping by to give major props to Matt Adams for the Cherry tat he did on my foot. Its my first ink and he was so awesome through the whole process. Even after I kept making him re position it. I’m saving up for my next piece, and even though I’ve since moved to Reno, NV, I’m making the drive back to SF because I wont let anyone else ink me but Matt.

  21. You guys are awesome! I was in California about 6 years ago now (oh God) and my mom decided to stop by and get a peace sign on her ankle. You guys were all so nice, and it’s such a clean and professional environment. I always said I’d come back for a tattoo “when I was old enough”, and I definitely want to get down there soon. I live in Canada, but I’m sure I’ll come back to you guys some day!

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