Hi there,

If you would like to contacts us :

our store hours are 12pm – 7pm everyday.

email us:

call us:

(415) 431-2218

write us:

1525 Haight St.

San Francisco, ca.


We are located near the corner of  the historic Haight and Ashbury cross street.

12 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Hello, wanna make tattoo of bay bridge + downtown, do you have any designs to look at? Cant find anything good online, but have seen a lot on the streets of SF. Thank you! Erik

  2. Hey there,

    I was wondering if you do nipple piercings and how much it would be…do you still have these board up in the store that says on which day during the week a piercing is cheaper than usual? I remember you guys had that 2yrs ago…


  3. Hi,
    I was hoping to come in and get a set of ronan numerals in the middle of my upper back and a small butterfly outline on my inner arm, I know you would most likely need more info but I was hoping for a general estimate on how much it would cost.
    Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I seen on the EDC main site that you guys sell the tickets. Do you have them at the store or do you just order them online?

  5. Hello

    I am a photograhy student at CCSF and I was wondering if I could take pictures of you while you are tattooing someone. It’s for my final project in photography. My idea is to take portraits of artists while they do what they love doing.
    Since it’s due next tuesday I would really appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  6. Hi,
    I saw that your an authorized retailer for edc and was wondering if you had both single day and three day passes available? If so how much? Cause I’d really like to avoid paying the extra cash for mail and service fees.

  7. Hi, i heard you have daily specials. Isbthere a way you can let me know about your specials in advance? So i know whats available and all.:)

  8. AUSTIN,
    You gave me my first tattoo last summer. A Sailor Jerry heart-anchor with a tropical scene inside and you added the ruffles around the heart…. I LOVE it! My husband got the Sailor Jerry bird and you added the flower in its mouth… . His is visible all the time and he receives a lot of compliments & inquiries just so you know. I don’t know if you remember us but I am contacting you because You do such good work and are such a talented tattoo artist, and I am also taking a shot in the dark that you might at some time be visiting Indiana? I want another tattoo but in no way can get to San Fran, and I remember you said you were originally from Indiana. Do you visit there at all, ever…? I just had to at least ask. Thanks! – Jennifer & Jamie from Illinois…..

  9. Hey There, I am looking to get a Japanese cherry blossom branch on my back with some Japanese symbols. I was wondering how much that would cost me and how long will the session be, or if it will be multiple sessions. The branch would go along my spinal cord.

    Hope to here from you soon-Tatiana

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