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  1. I am going to the Dead Sea on holiday this week, and was wondering if I can immerse my body piercing (only 1 week old) into the very salty water? I know swimming in chlorinated pools is a definite no-no, but would have guessed the salt would be ok…

  2. The Dead Sea has some very unique properties. It is said to heal wounds and skins conditions. I do not believe any piercer can say with any kind of certainty wether this would be good or bad. I would be interested to see what happens. If you do decide to go into the Dead Sea, at least rinse and clean the fresh piercing with a anti-bacterial soap such as Dial once you get out.

  3. Hello! I had my tongue pierced a few years ago, can I still get it repierced? & Will it be safe? Im afraid if I get it repierced it’ll hit a vein.

  4. I have to say Nef is the best! I went in today to get a second set of ear lobe piercings and he was very nice. I was looking for a piercer that I felt comfortable with and Nef is the one. I’ll be going back to see him for future piercings.

    Thank You Nef!
    Patricia & Lacey

  5. I am interested in getting my tongue pierced soon, but am worried about a couple things–
    1.Is there risk of hitting a nerve and paralyzing/handicapping the tongue in any way?
    2. What about hitting a vein and bleeding a lot?
    3. How long approximately will it take for me to be able to talk normally again (for work purposes)?
    4. Are your tongue-piercers very experienced in the tongue-piercing department, and will they be reassuring and careful and so on?
    Thanks so much!

  6. 1.) No, it’s an urban myth.

    2.) You can hit a vein and if you do it will bleed a lot. Once you place the jewelry in the piercing, it will plug the hole and the bleeding will stop. Hitting a vein is extremely rare and is not a big deal anyway.

    3.) This is also an urban myth. You will be able to talk fine. After the procedure get a cup of ice and some advil to reduce the swelling and you will be fine. Avoid excessive drinking, spicy foods and anything else that would irritate it during the first week and you will be fine.

    4.) In our 15 years of operation, we have done thousands of tongue piercings. We have two of the most experienced piercers in San Francisco. Come on in with any questions and we will put your mind at ease.

  7. I was wondering , i been wanting to get my hips piercing but im not sure where to go get them done and how old i have to be and how much it will cost ? i have been reading alot about what can go bad but i still really really want to get my hips pierced .

  8. do you guys do hip piercings? i know there are many different techniques for doing them, which would be best recommended? how long do they tend to last, and do they scar badly?

    • Yes, we do hip piercings. Give us a call and i’ll explain the process to you. I don’t want to give all our secrets away here on the internet.

  9. Hey, I live in England and I’m coming over to San Francisco in the summer for a few weeks. Thought I might get a piercing. Do you guys have a price list (or a price for industrial/navel)? Thanks

  10. 1) I had got my belly button pierced before and my body rejected the metal, is there a different type of metal that i can be pierced with?

    2) I plan to get it re-pierced in a couple of days but I am also going on vacation next week. Will it be that terrible to go swimming with it??

    • 1) Usually the metal has nothing to do with your body rejecting your piercing. Yes, there are other types of metal you can use.

      2.) Why don’t you wait till you get back from vacation? Swimming in a pool the first few weeks is not recommended for a navel piercing.

  11. Hey, I’m visiting San Fransisco this summer and I wanted to get a snug before I leave. I’m 16 but I already have 2 cartilage piercings. Do I need to bring a parent or can I bring my 18 year old brother/ or am I not allowed to get pierced at all?

  12. I want to get my nose pierced but since I lifeguard I’m a little hesitant. How long would it take until I could swim?

  13. Don’t know if you can answer this online for fear of “giving secrets away”, but you guys stick the needle in from upwards for eyebrow piercings, correct? I’ve seen so many people stick the needle in downwards, and it worries me.

  14. I got my naval pierced the first week of August, and changed it for the first time about a week ago. Even before the changing the piercing was pussing and getting crusty, and i just assumed it was normal as it was a new piercing. but it still continues to puss and get crusty, and has lately begun to hurt. Is it infected? and what should I do? can i use regular table salt to clean the piercing?

  15. Hey so i have had my ears pierced once already and am pretty sure i can still put things through the piercing. If i wanted to get gages what would i need to do?

  16. Hi !!
    how much does the tongue piercing cost and how much the nose piercing ??
    please reply me. i’m really interesting about it..

  17. Dear Sirs,

    I called your establishment some months back to discuss a rather unusual piercing request for me and my girlfriend (it’s a type of surface piercing done just above the genital area, called a venus or Christina piercing on a female…not sure what the appropriate term is when done on a guy). I believe I spoke with a “Jessica”…is she still piercing with you guys?

    Regards From Turlock

  18. I just got my nose pierced i would say about 2 1/2 weeks ago, i have been cleaning it daily with anti-bacterial soap & i have accidently hit my piercing a couple times on accident while i was sleeping. After the last time i accidently hit my piercing really bad, it was lightly bloody then a couple days later i noticed a pimple-like red bump right near my piercing, it has been a couple days now and it has not gone away. what should i do? is it infected?!

  19. Hello,
    I am interested in getting my nose pierced and I know nothing about this and the proceedure. Can you please talk to me about it…
    I am interested in a small stud, but wonder if sometime I want to put a ring in it, is that possible or is that a different piercing all together?

  20. hi my name is emily and i am 13 ad can i get my belly button pierced if i have my birth certifacate and my mom with me

  21. Hi! I’ve been wanting to get my nipples pierced for a while now, but I’ve heard around that it’s possible to lose feeling in the nipple if it’s pierced…?? Is this true? Also, do people usually pierce them both, or one vs the other? Thanks!!

    • In the 10 years I have been in the industry, and with the 1000’s of people I have met with pierced nipples, I have never heard of anyone losing feeling. Usually people pierce both.

  22. Hey there,
    I’ve been thinking about getting a clit piercing but I do martial arts and it involves extremely close contact with your training partner in between your legs. I was wondering what are the chances of getting infected if I were to get hit in between? I am also in the medical field and was wondering is there any other jewelry that I can use after the healing because I’m afraid it may get ripped out if I were to go into the MRI room.Thanks!

  23. I have had both nipples pierced and had to take them out due to infection. I lost feeling after they were taken out. I have always like the pierced nipples look, but do you recommend piercing them again?

  24. Hey, I have a quick question to Jessica who pierced my belly button last friday. What was the size of the belly ring you used? Im just wondering, that way I know what size to belly ring size to buy in the future when I want to change my piercing!


    • 14 gauge in thicknes, 7/16 in length. Naval jewelry is pretty standard in length and thickness. You should not have problems finding other jewelry to fit.

  25. How much are cartilage and tragus piercings? If I’m still 17 and my birthday is in November do I still need parental consent or can I just just walk in by myself?

    • Call us for prices. We have a large selection for jewelry so prices may very. You must be 18 to be pierced by yourself.

  26. I got my tongue web pierced here just over a week ago, and i had Tom help me out. I have a small tongue and small mouth, which are the least ideal conditions for the piercing, but T-train handled it like a champ, although he said it was the hardest piercing he had done in a long time, cause the ball was so hard to get on. So my question is: does that mean it is fairly unlikely that i will be able to get a second one?

  27. I heard that you guys do daily specials for piercings and I was wondering how much an industrial would cost on the ear day (Thursday?)? Thanks

  28. I had my back dimples pierced with dermal anchors here at the beginning of September, and I would love to come back in to get the jewelry changed soon!
    1. Are they healed enough to have the jewelry changed yet? (It has been over 3 months since I got them done)
    2. I have heard that getting the jewelry changed for dermal anchors is more painful than the initial piercing process– is this true?
    3. What is your going rate for clear rhinestone (diamond-looking) dermal tops?

    I had a really great experience when I came here to get my back pierced, and I recommend this place to everyone reading! Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  29. I’m 15 and I want to get my navel pierced, if my mom comes with me to the shop am I allowed to get a piercing or am I still too young?

  30. I’m thinking. About getting my upper lip Pierce but I looked on the inside of my lop and noticed I have blue veins were I want the piercing. My question is would it be safe for me to get it. Or should I pick another spot like my bottom lip.

  31. HI I want to know some information on the vch piercing and the prizes as well.
    Im interested in getting one but in around August.

    • We have a large selection of tongue rings at many different price points. Give us a call.

  32. How much does a forward helix cost? From one to triple? Also, how long is the healing process for this piercing?

  33. I just got my lobes pierced (2nd holes) and I know I shouldn’t swim in a chlorinated pool, but what about the ones that use a salt water system? Some of these pools say they don’t use chlorine but have a “chlorine generator”, not sure what that means really. Also, if I tape the piercing with a water proof bandaid for instance, would this help? I’m training for a triathlon so not swimming isn’t really an option 😛 thanks!

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