40 thoughts on “Body Piercings

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering how much a rook and tragus piercing would cost with the standard jewelery.. Also is there any day where it would be cheaper than normal? Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  2. How much is it for a Tongue Piercing?? Does that include the jewelry also??

    –I heard that a tongue piercing won’t close up later on if i decide to take it out…is that true?

    • No, it’s not true. A normal tongue piercing on most people will heal within a few hours. The inside of your mouth heals very quickly.

  3. Hey guys! driving up to SF tomorrow.. (Wednesday) and I want to get to small rings in my right lobe.. how much would that cost? and can I just drop in or is it by appointments only? and can i buy the jewelry off of you?
    Thanks so much

  4. hi my name is dianne. do you guys do surface piercing on the back of the ear? I would like to have a loyalty crown tattoo with a surface piercing on top (tip) of the crown

  5. Hi. I’m comming to SF in Feb. I have like, 5 piercings now. I’m 14. Well, while I’m down there, with my parent, could I get my toungue pierced twice? Would they be priced as two diffent piercings? So like, would it cost 2x the originial price? Haahaa.

  6. I had my lip pierced before and want to get it redone. However, i heard it is really painful to get it repierced in the same spot. is that true?

    • We put a needle through your cheek and then we place the jewelry through the hole. Call for pricing.

  7. I visit SF once every two weeks, do i need an appt or can i simply walk in? Im interested in a navel and possibly a surface on the back of the neck. could i get both in same day? would it be a good idea to get surface done with summer here (sweat)? thanxx

  8. Hello I’m visiting San Francisco and am looking for a 4 gauge segmented Captive bead ring in Surgical steel.
    Do you stock it? If so how much would it cost?

  9. I’m looking into a very small, somewhat unusual sub-dermal piercing. I won’t be able to call or get to the shop to discuss it in person till the end of the month, is it possible to email someone to discuss it further?

  10. Hello Wonderful Haight Piercers– a few questions for you
    Nipple Piercing questions:
    (1) How long ’til the nipples are not super-tender, aka it feels okay for a general broad “squeeze” such as receiving a hug; or in my case, as a massage therapist I use my elbows while working on someone, and my forearm is often then squeezed up against my chest.
    (2) How long to avoid Bikram Yoga? It is 90min+ of hot sweatiness, and also involves lots of poses that put pressure on the chest.
    (3) How long to avoid swimming in the bay or in a pool?
    (4) How long ’til it’s okay for someone’s mouth to be on the nipples?
    (I’m trying to decide if/when to get my nipples pierced, and the answers will affect my planning.)

    Tongue Re-Piercing question:
    I received a great tongue piercing from you guys last may (’10), and took it out this march (’11), so it was in about 10 months. Now, 4 months later, I am not surprised (tho’ disappointed) to find that the bar will no longer go through (I understood this would happen, and thought I was “done” w/ it, but now am re-thinking). However, it seems like it almost could go through still, but I don’t want to force it.
    In this situation, is a regular full-on re-piercing necessary, or is there a simpler abbreviated (and less expensive) method to re-open the hole? Also, will the tongue go through the same ole’ swelling/hard-to-eat healing process, upon re-piercing (if through same hole)?

    Thanks very much!

  11. hello there! i have been battling over the idea of bioflex/bioplast jewelry. is it safe to use in a fresh piercing? and if so, do you carry said materials? also, if one was to bring in handpicked jewelry, would you pierce it using the aforementioned product, or would one have to pick from your supply?

    • Many people use the bio flex material and they seem to heal fine. We do so many piercings per day and would rather not mess around with new materials. dermals work well for us, we would rather use steel than plastic. Come in and show us what you got, we can talk about it.

  12. I had a Christina piercing done at your shop a while back and the jewelry recently fell out and the piercing closed even though I bought a new curved bar right away. Can I have you redo the piercing if I already have the jewelry? How much would it cost?

  13. I’m planning to get a navel piercing sometime in the future. How much would the piercing plus the jewelry cost and any supplies I need to buy to clean it afterwards?

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