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Online appointment scheduling for Tattoos

Schedule an appointment for your tattoo anytime from the convenience of your computer! After you schedule your appointment you’ll be contacted by one of our representatives to discuss the details of your tattoo. At that time we can offer you an estimate of the time and price range of your tattoo. Final price will be based on the final design of your tattoo, we currently have a minimum of $80. On a limited budget? Feel free to let us know and we can design something to accommodate your budget. Our artists can design something custom for you or if you prefer, bring in your own artwork or sketch and we can work with that. We also have a wide selection of designs and reference for you to pick from.

Questions? Give us a call 7 days a week 12pm – 7pm (415)431-2218

48 thoughts on “Tattoo Appointments Available

  1. hey derick i was trying to get this appt set up for possibly monday march 8th if you have openings between 12 and 4 if possible. i dont know if this is how the appt was supposed to be set up. :/

  2. hey derrick, i talked to you about getting “beautiful soul” on my chest. and i wanted to come in one day next week. maybe monday or tuesday if you are open.

  3. Hey my three friends and I are visiting from Chicago and we would like to get some new tattoos before we go back to the wintery conditions in the Midwest. We all have multiple tattoos already and are looking to add to our collections. We would like to all be tattooed around the same time preferably around 4pm this afternoon.

  4. Hey my name is emily. two of my friends and me would like to come and get some tattoos this afternoon around 4 pm. We all have tattoos already and are looking to add to our collections.

  5. Hello, I am travelling with some friends to San Francisco from Calgary Alberta this July and we were hoping to get some tattoos done while we are there. I was wondering what your rates are, if you do special quotes for smaller designs and if you even have availability in early july. Would we be able to book something with you over telephone/online and could we send you our artwork ideas over email?

    Thank you,


    • Yes, to all your questions. You can book an appointment online from our homepage. You can call us for prices and you can email us your designs.

  6. Hi, I want to have a realistic looking butterfly-tattoo on the inside of my ankle. I would like to come this sunday, but i am sure this idea is a kind of impossible, huh? Write me. Thank you…Sophie

  7. Hi, i came in for a small tattoo last September with Tommy. I know that it’s late notice, but is it possible for me to come in tomorrow (Friday 30th) for another small tattoo? It didn’t take that long to get the first one. Currently on music tour, and have got just tomorrow in San Francisco. Would love it if he could do the second one for me. Is that possible?? Midday time…?

  8. Hey! I want to get a sparrow on my top left shoulder, no color. Can you email me with the price and details please? thank you

  9. We don’t check these comments everyday, but if you register for a tattoo consultation we will be notified and will be able to help you.

  10. hello there…im from greece and i’ll be in san francisco till october..
    i want to have a tattoo..a small one….i have my design on my cellphone..its really simple(i supose)…so…can i have an appointment?(by the way im 19 and i have no other tattoos…)Can you email me with the price and details please? thank you


  11. Similar to a question that was asked about special quotes for smaller designs, I have a photo that is exactly what I am looking for in its exact size. The placement of the tattoo will be on the side of my finger if that helps as well.

    Thank you in advance,


  12. Just curious, does the shop minimum price ever budge? i guess i’m referring to the “limited budget” price accomodation deal. I’d like a tattoo on the inside of my lip, and i’m swinging by San Francisco at the end of the monty so I thought it’d be fun to get that while i’m down there. i don’t know how long lip tattoos take or anything, and i don’t find 60 to be an outlandish price or anything, i’m just curious!

  13. Hi i was just wondering about a price estimate. All i want is the word “Imagine” on the inside of my wrist. i might want to add “-John Lennon” but it depends on the price. Thanks 🙂

  14. Hey, I”m going to be on a road trip from Canada and will be in the area around the 23/24th of March. Was hoping to get a rose done on my tricep, do you guys need an exact day or are you able to do drop-ins?

  15. Hello, i have an old tattoo of six words in my lower back, my question was if you guys do shade with white in or skin ink loook like on a old tattoo??? please reply back i need this tattoo shade or something
    Thank You!

    • Im not sure I understand your question. It would be best to come in and have us look at it for best results.

  16. Hi ,
    This Lynson that call few min Ago thanks for the call and i will like you to give me the price for this tattoo per person and i will like to let you know that i have like 20 people that are ready to come for the tattoo so kindly get back to me with the total cost and the type of credit card you Accept and i hope you can do a nice Job for them all….kindly get back to Asap


  17. Hi I’m interested in setting up an appointment in November, the week of Thanksgiving (not the day of). But I will be staying in San Jose. Is there a way we can do the consultation and the tattoo the same day?

  18. just looking for a simple star on my wrist. im only in town until tomorrow afternoon. is there any way to get in today for a small small tattoo?

  19. I wanted to get an estimate over email before making a 2-3 hour treck into San Francisco. My friends from Chicago stopped in to get tattoos last time they were here and sent me to you guys, so I’m highly interested, I just want to make sure I’m prepared for it. Do you have an email I can send the image and measurements over to for a basic estimate? Thank you!

  20. Would there be any appointments available tomorrow after 12:30? I can email a jpeg if iat all possible. I’ve gotten a couple piercings here before and think this place is my best bet. However I have a time constraint. So it would have to be is multiple sessions or on a saturday. I would like to at least come in make a deposit and get a conversation going with an artist.

  21. Hi there! I’ll be in SF in the beginning of November (3-7 nov.), travelling from France. I was here 4 years ago and I’m pretty sure I got my nostril pierced in your shop. I wonder if I’ll be able to get a small tattoo around these dates, possibly a bow and arrow, very simple, no color I think… Do I need to get an appointment? It’s my first tat’ but I really want to get it done there, as a kind of ‘symbol’! Could you send me an email regarding the price and conditions? Merci !

  22. I like to make an appointment for Thursday afternoon this coming week. I want to touch you to be on the side of my left forearm approximately 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. I want it to say “this too shall pass”. I already have a font in mind and will bring a picture.

  23. Have been wanting to get a dancing bear inked on my calf. In town on business and thought why not get it done while I am in town. Time is tight as I only have tomorrow to do it. Do you guys have available appointments tomorrow? Noon would actually work out perfect.


  24. I would like to get some japanese symbols on my back slonh with a Japanese cherry blossom branch. I would like to know what the price range is and how long it would take. I am on a budget so I hope we can work something out.

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